Montag, Dezember 16, 2019

The ‘Before’ Photo is Horrifying . . . The Rest Is Even More Unbelievable!

Scoliosis & Pre-Surgery


Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that occurs most often during a growth spurt just before puberty. This brave gal whose spine had a 90 degree curve, opted to have a radical medical surgery to straighten it.


The Scoliosis Condition

Her 90 degree curvature of the spine looks very drastic as seen in her x-ray. With having scoliosis, the spinal curve can even get worse over time.


Her Spine Surgery

During her surgery the doctors were able to insert surgical supports, and minimize her spine’s curve down to less than 20 degrees.


Steel Rod Supports

A diagram example of what the backbone supports look like when medically inserted to straighten a scoliotic spine.


Her Post-Op X-ray

From a side x-ray view it’s hard to view the 90 degree “side curve” straightened, but the spine looks very normal going out towards her back.


After Surgery

Recovery from spine surgery can take a long time, especially when it’s an extensive one to straighten a 90 degree curve! Although the healing process is full of back pain and other complications, this gal’s posture is looking much better.


The Stapled Scar

The scar where the doctors had to cut open for operating looks super intense, but for this girl, adjusting the curvature of her spine was the right course of action.


Post-Op I

Wow! One week after her surgery her posture is looking so much more improved and the swelling from the actual surgery trauma has gone down quite a lot.


Post-Op II

Two weeks in recovery is even more impressive AND finally the staples are out!


The Healing Process

One month after the surgery and she’s looking amazing! Not only is this kind of surgery good for the patient’s health in the long run, but straightening out a person’s spine will make them taller!